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One of the main things an insurer does, is managing claims. To do this, several big software houses, like SAP and others, supply huge software packages. The problem is, those systems are incompatible with the ‘fair and honest’ way Inshared looks at insuring. That’s why Inshared came to me and asked for help in designing a system that puts the clients first.

Together with a team consisting of Inshared employees and consultants, we started out with an investigation on what was wrong with the other systems:

  • Why are they not user friendly?
  • How many extra steps does a client need to take to get his claim to the insurer?
  • How much insurance knowledge does the clients need?

Based on early results, we started designing a completely new system. At first, we used paper prototyping on big whiteboards, that were great to make all the different paths that can be taken in a system visual.

After some weeks, we switched to interactive prototypes, using Axure RP, without ever leaving the whiteboards.

An interactive prototype has some unique advantages. It greatly improves co-operation within multidisciplinary teams, in this case including two insurance experts, a front end developer, and more. When the team wanted to pivot to a radically different model, this could be prototyped and presented to the c-suite within days.

Together with the prototyping and consultancy, I also did the visual design for this internal system.

I left the project near the end of the concept fase. Some time later, Inshared proudly introduced ‘Cynoclaim’ to the world, the most advanced claim-management system in The Netherlands.