Rogier Brakshoofden. UX specialist.

For over ten years now, I’ve worked as a professional in the UX, interaction design and concepting fields. I am so much more than just a ‘designer’ – I help you visualise ideas, sharpen concepts, and be a supervisor during production. All in a quest to guarantee the best user experience possible.

Because better experiences make happier users. And happy users make loyal customers.

Happy customers

I’ve done work for some of the biggest Dutch companies, and for startups. All of them very satisfied with the work I’ve done, and happy it’s done on time.



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[case study]



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SNS bank

And many, many more… ING • Digirati (UK) • Telfort (KPN) • KEMA • ProRail • Stage Entertainment • SNV • Hogeschool van Amsterdam • Alliander • PropertyEU …

Business language is my second language

Good design isn’t just about good design. It’s also about what gets delivered. That’s why I’m fluent in the language of business. From KPIs to Agile, from boardroom to developer. This to assure that I don’t just make some nice sketches, but these sketches also get to the end user intact.

In shapes and sizes

Today we don’t think in terms like ‘mobile first’ or ‘responsive’ anymore. Design is about all touchpoints a customer might have, whether it’s a text message, a smartwatch app or an ‘old fashioned’ website on a computer. I don’t commit to any technique or screen size – all those sizes needs designing, so that’s what I do.