IxD16 – where I plan to go on day 2

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Day 2 always starts fresh, with people being energised by the opening party the evening before. Our first keynote of the day will be by MIT’s Kate Darling. She’s a robotics specialist – specifically the role robotics can have in long term society changes. Could be very interesting. Or very vague.

A theme this morning is be how we design our lives in modern society. At least that’s a link between Kate Darlings’ keynote and the next talk I’m planning on attending, Pablo Honey, with ‘the invisible cities’ (10:30) – He talks about the invisible web of data and internet that connects our cities, the limited way all that stuff talks to each other now, and the need for a more holistic approach to all this. Will probably be nodding my way in agreement through that one.


I don’t expect to be doing that around 11:30, which is a bit of a black hole, as far as my interests are concerned. There’s a panel in the big hall about ’smart stuff’, which is always a nice opportunity for a quick nap. In the other hall, there’s a nice talk from somebody talking about his or her experiences running a big design department. Every conference has three of those, and they never interest me.


Noon will find me at a short talk about wayfinding, metros and stuff. I always like signage, so there we go. And I can just stay in the same room for the next room, which will be about corporate anarchy. I hope. Which sounds like fun, without even standing up.

After lunch is gonna be a tough call, with two interesting presentions at the same time. Both Sarah Henry (“build better products with emotional data”) and Leandro Agro (“Connected objects are natural born storytellers“) sound good. Which means I will probably decide based on the group I’m walking with at that particular moment.

14:00 to 14:30 (Military time, Americans. #dealwithit) will find me listening to Christine Todorovich – “Ubiquitous computing is transforming the human experience of time in unprecedented ways that interaction designers are uniquely equipped to leverage and inform.” Timewarp. Want to.

Time warping would be really helpful to decide my 3 o’clock problem. On one side of the ring, there’s Josh Seiden – who is a good speaker with a boring subject – design methods and testing stuff. I think I’ll be more into the other room –  ‘on the road to autonomy’, about self-driving cars, which is fun and interesting by definition – A true UX unicorn. But I don’t know the speaker (John Rousseau), so he might be boring, or great.

Somebody, presumably a drunk Fin, thought it a good idea to plan a sponsored happy hour every day at 16:00, and then a final keynote at 17:00. This leaves me wishing Tricia Wang, lots of good luck, she’s gonna need it, speaking for 800 tipsy designers. Which is a shame, because I’d be interested. And thus IxD16 day 2 will end.*

(Foto: CC by Mariano Mantel. Helsinki Harbour.)


* Oh well, not really, everybody wil be ‘networking’ at the Coroflot event ;-).